3 Makeup Products Every Smart Bride Should Own

Bridal Makeup

When you first began planning your wedding, I can imagine the must-haves came to mind. There’s the dress, the venue, choosing your Bridesmaids, and who could forget the Wedding Cake?

But with all the brainstorming and details that go along with planning a wedding, It can be easy to forget to include one of the most important elements of the day, and that’s bridal makeup!

Even if you’re not a “makeup” kind of girl, consider this.

Almost every Bride has more photos taken of her on her wedding day than any other day in her life. But, in order for the last photo to look as fresh as the 1st, she’ll need to use camera-loving makeup.

If you have no idea what that is, no worries, because today, I’m going to share 3 products every smart Bride should own.

Liquid to Matte Lipstick

Why is liquid to matte lipstick best? It’s not only smudge resistant and fade-proof, it lasts hours longer than traditional lipstick and gloss so you never need to worry about having to re-apply; not that you’d have time with everything else going on that day!

High Definition (HD) Powder

High Definition Powder, otherwise known as HD powder is camera friendly and contains blurring and light diffusing properties that give the skin a softer, flawless, airbrushed looking finish in any light.

Black Mascara

False lashes make your eyes “pop” in wedding photos, but if you don’t want to take the leap, the next best thing is a lengthening black mascara. Black shows best in photographs compared to other colored mascaras like brown or even brown-black.

Do you have any makeup favorites you plan to use on your big day? Tell me all about it below.