When planning their wedding, some couples assume they have to find a Church Pastor to marry them, especially if they want something a little more memorable than the true ambiance of City Hall.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a pastor officiate, not everyone has one at their disposal, and that’s where a Wedding Officiant comes in.

And, today, I want to share 3 reasons why a Wedding Officiant Makes Good Sense.

You Don’t Belong to a Church

Some Ministers/Pastors require couples to be members of the church they pastor, or at least be related to someone who is a member. 

A Wedding Officiant is ready, willing and able to perform a wedding ceremony regardless of your faith, or whether or not you belong to a home church.

You’ve Been Married Before

Unfortunate as it is, there are some ministers who won’t perform a wedding for couples who’ve been married before. 

A Wedding Officant isn’t biased. They will marry any couple that chooses to be married regardless of their past marital history.

You’ve Had a Change in Plans

What happens when after months of planning and prepping, you have to change your Wedding date at the last minute, only to find out your Pastor isn’t available that day? 

Most Wedding Officiants are pretty flexible, and can step in to save the day; sometimes at the 11th hour!

I want to know your story! Are you leaning towards a church Pastor or Wedding Officiant to marry you? Or, if you’re already married, Which option worked best for you? Share your personal story in the comments below. 



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