Outdoor wedding

So you’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding. You’re completely sold on the thought of fresh air, a soft breeze, bright sunshine and happy guests, because everyone loves an outdoor wedding.

You’re wrong. In fact, if your guests know your wedding will be held outside, many have already decided to only attend the reception. So, before you begin planning, consider the 3 reasons your guests won’t attend, and what you can do to compromise.

They’re bugging out

Most outdoor weddings happen between the months of June and August, when bugs like mosquitoes, flies, bees and wasps are plenty. While your guests want to hear you say your “I do’s”, they “don’t” want to fight off the bugs.

What you can do to compromise

Consider treating your outdoor venue for bugs days before the wedding to keep them at a minimum. Search around deck posts and eaves where bees or wasp nests tend to hide and have them removed. Try to avoid holding your ceremony at dusk or around a pond or lake (when mosquitoes are at their worst).

If mosquitoes cannot be avoided, consider providing a bug spray station for your guest’s convenience.

They can’t take the heat

Summer weddings can be uncomfortably hot, especially for the elderly, and if there’s little to no wind, it can feel even hotter.

What you can do to compromise 

Consider holding your ceremony under a tent, or provide a seating area in the shade to keep your guests cool. Providing water bottles is also a great idea to help them beat the heat.

It looks like rain

The weather can be hard to predict. And, even though It’s considered good luck to rain on your wedding day, it’s safe to say your guests may not feel the same way.

What you can do to compromise

Hold your ceremony under a tent to be on the safe side, or make arrangements for a back-up venue in case of rain. If you guests know you have a plan B in mind, they’ll be sure to look forward to celebrating with you regardless of what mother nature has in store!

Have you already planned an outside wedding? What steps have you taken to make sure you and your guests will be comfortable when you say I do? Let’s get the conversation started by entering your comments below.