Planning the details of your Wedding ceremony should be one of the most exciting things to look forward to, but the thought of “all the details” can seriously stress some couples out! Can you relate? Then you’ll love today’s post!

Because I’m going to share with you the top 5 things to consider when planning your ceremony.

1. Who will be giving you away?

While it’s traditional for the Father of the Bride to give her away at her wedding, it’s certainly not the only option. Many Brides today opt to share this moment with both parents, a sibling, an adult child or decide to forgo the whole “giving away” idea altogether.

2. Will you be incorporating music?

There are many ways music can play a part in a ceremony. Do you prefer live or recorded music? If it’s recorded, will you have access to a sound system through your venue or a DJ? Will someone be performing a song or two during the ceremony?

3. Will there be a reading?

Having someone read a meaningful scripture passage or poem is a great way to have a friend or family member become part of your special day.This can be done pretty much anywhere within the service.

4. Additional Ceremonies

Traditionally, the ring ceremony is a part of nearly every Wedding service, but it certainly doesn’t stop there! From Sand Ceremonies to the Love Letter and Wine Box, additional ceremonies.

5. Incorporating God in your Ceremony

The question to incorporate or not to incorporate God in a wedding ceremony is a very personal choice, but, keep in mind that mentioning Him does not mean your service will be labeled “religious.” In today’s politically correct world, so many couples are afraid to mention God in their Wedding because they are afraid they might “offend” some of their guests.

Keep in mind that this is YOUR wedding, and your special day should include your beliefs, If you believe in God, than by all means include Him in your ceremony.

So am I missing anything? Is there something else you feel should be kept in mind when planning a wedding service? Let me know in the comment below.