3 Steps to Conducting a Successful Wedding Rehearsal


You’ve planned your wedding to a tee. You have the perfect venue, perfect flowers, most decadent cake and you’ve said yes to the dress. You’ve checked everything off your list and figure all the organizing is done, right?

Maybe not.

One of the most overlooked aspects of wedding planning is organizing the rehearsal. And, if you don’t have a Wedding Coordinator and your Officiant isn’t available, like it or not, the job is yours.

Dont panic! I promise, you’ll be ready, because today, I’m going to share 3 steps to conducting a successful wedding rehearsal!

Why a rehearsal?

Some couples mistakenly think there’s no need to rehearse for the big day, but they couldn’t be more wrong!

Wedding rehearsals help the entire Wedding party know their part in the ceremony; where to go, where to stand, etc.. Doing a couple of run throughs guarantees a smooth transition throughout the service. 

And, knowing what happens next takes the stress out of the day so everyone can enjoy every single moment instead of worrying where they're supposed to be.

Step #1- Take Inventory

Before you begin mapping out your rehearsal, you need to know what elements to cover during the rehearsal by asking yourself a few questions:

Where do you want everyone to stand? Where will the unity table be? Will your Bridesmaids be escorted down the aisle or will they walk alone? What responsibilities will your Maid of Honor and Best Man have if any?

Step #2- Make Attendance Mandatory

It’s nearly impossible to have a successful rehearsal if some of the wedding party is absent. Everyone in the wedding party plays an important part of the ceremony. The last thing you want is for a Bridesmaid or Groomsman to have the look of “deer in the headlights” because they have no idea what’s going on.

Step #3- Have a Written Agenda

You may be wondering how to be sure you’re covering everything during your wedding rehearsal? Referring to a checklist nearly guarantees your walk throughs before the big day are a success!

With all of the rehearsals I’ve directed, I still make sure I work off a checklist to make sure all the bases are covered.

Should you find yourself responsible for conducting your own rehearsal, following these 3 steps will make your practice a success!

Looking for a checklist you can use for your own wedding rehearsal? Click here to download the one I use every time!