3 Reasons Why a Destination Wedding Might Be Perfect For You!


It’s no wonder most Brides find themselves overwhelmed when planning a wedding. Looking back, I’m not sure how I did it!

All those details! The invites, the perfect dress, catering options, finding a venue to fit your guest list, choosing an Officiant; your to-do list never ends. And then there’s the average wedding price tag of $33,000 (and growing), it’s no wonder many couples choose to run away and elope!

But maybe eloping isn’t your style.

Maybe you still want to wear the dress, walk down the aisle and have your bestie at your side as you say “I Do?” What if you can really have your cake and eat it too? You can! It’s called a Destination Wedding.

And before you think the idea is only a pipe dream, I’m going to share 3 reasons why a Destination Wedding might be perfect for you!

It’s Vacation Easy

Admit it. You’ve entertained the idea. But the thought of getting married away from home let alone out of the country sounds complicated. The great news is it doesn’t have to be.

Getting married in another US State is rather painless, but the requirements do vary by State and County. You can easily find how to apply for a marriage license by visiting the County Clerk’s Office where you wish to marry. It can be as simple as paying a separate fee and filling out an alternate form.

But what if you’re thinking of marrying outside of the States? Getting legally married outside of the country can be a real headache, but can easily be remedied by getting married in the states first, then hosting the ceremony at your choice destination.

It Saves Your Sanity

If the thought of an exotic vacation puts you in your “happy place” as it does for most, a Destination Wedding can do the very same! Vacations are adventures, and put you in a completely different state of mind. If you’ve been super-stressed out with the thought of planning a big wedding, this is your jam!

It Saves You Money

You may be thinking a Destination Wedding must be expensive when the reality is, it can actually save you money! How so?

You’ll most likely only pay for the 2 of you, your parents and your traveling Officiant (hint, hint). If you choose a beautiful locale, your wedding party might be happy to pay their own way, because, hey, they need a vacation too!

And here’s where you’ll really save a heap of cash.

Because guests pay their own way to attend a Destination Wedding, your guest list will shrink significantly, which will ultimately save you hundreds on your reception bill.

There’s a Package For That

If you’re not sold on the idea yet, this might change your mind!

With Destination Weddings on the rise, resorts and cruise lines have gotten on the bandwagon by creating exciting, affordable packages making a Destination Wedding doable for almost anyone.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Share your ideas below and let’s get the conversation started!

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