6 Reasons Why a Same-Day Rehearsal Makes Sense

There are 2 words to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

No Rules.

So, what does that mean?

Years ago, there were things brides would do for no better reason than the fact that it was always done that way.

For example, Father’s always gave away the bride, the minister would always say, “Is there anyone here who feels this couple should not be joined as husband and wife?” and wedding rehearsals were always held the night before the wedding.

Today, it’s all about what makes sense, or what the couple wants for their day, as it should be!

Take the wedding rehearsal, for instance. It’s one of the most important parts of the wedding because it gives the party time to practice where they need to be during the ceremony and how they will get there. Knowing the when and where can take a lot of stress out of the day!

But, sometimes it really doesn’t make sense to hold it the night before the wedding. Today, I’m going to share 6 reasons why a same-day rehearsal makes sense.

They Don’t All Make It

I’ve coordinated hundreds of rehearsals, and it’s always inevitable; 1 or 2 members of the wedding party haven’t been able to attend.

Most often it’s not intentional, but because of a travel conflict for members that live out of state.

Having a same-day rehearsal guarantees everyone will be there and know exactly what to do!

Your Venue Cannot Accommodate A Rehearsal

While rare, it’s possible your wedding venue may not be able to accommodate a rehearsal the night before. Even if you’re given an option of holding it another evening, there’s a good chance your wedding party might forget all the details.

You Changed Your Mind About Having a Rehearsal

Sometimes couples don’t book a rehearsal in the first place. They don’t realize the importance of having one until their wedding is literally right around the corner. Venues are most likely not able to accommodate rehearsals last minute.

You Might Save Money

When a venue is located outside the travel radius of your minister or officiant, you may be charged a travel fee.

Having your rehearsal the same day as your wedding could reduce the amount you’ll be paying for travel.

You Already Decided to Have a First Look

For some couples, holding a rehearsal the same day as the wedding isn’t an option, because they don’t plan on seeing each other before heading down the aisle.

But, If you and your fiancé’ decided to have a “First Look” as most do these days, there’s really no reason not to rehearse minutes before the ceremony.

You’re Afraid You Might Forget Everything

Most couples find the last day or two before their wedding is a complete whirlwind, and if you asked them what they did during this time, chances are they have no clue!

Forgetfulness is a thing, especially for couples about to get married. If the two of you are stressed thinking about where you are supposed to be, or what you need to do or say during your ceremony, holding a same-day rehearsal is the perfect choice for you!

Do you wonder if you should consider a same-day rehearsal? Let’s talk about it now by commenting below!

And if you’re considering my Officiant services, I’d love to chat with you about how to work together to create a personal, heartfelt ceremony that’s totally the 2 of you!

Same day Wedding Rehearsal