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How to Change Him

We all know opposites attract. And if you’re in a relationship where the 2 of you couldn’t be more different, you know this all too well. In fact, it could have been what ignited that “spark” between you in the first place.

Looking back when my husband and I were first dating, I remember how completely different we were especially on the weekends. 

While I was running around the entire time doing errands, he would stay behind to work on the yard, finish a home project or chill watching a movie. I found it so refreshing he was such a homebody.

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The One Thing You Probably Don't Know About Your Spouse-To-Be

One of the very first questions I ask when meeting with a couple during a Pre-Marital Coaching session, is if they really know each other. Most often they both laugh and tell me, “Of course. We’re getting married!”

But, the truth is, as much as you may know about the one you’re about to say, “I do” too, chances are you’re missing the one thing that can either make or break your new marriage, which is the expectations you both have going into it.

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The 3 Biggest Myths About Marriage

Have you ever wondered why many marriages fail?

You’re probably thinking age, money and infidelity are at the top of the list. While those issues do play a part, it goes much deeper than that, and it actually happens before couples say, “I Do”.

All couples enter marriage with expectations, and many times those expectations are the polar opposite of their spouse-to-be!

So why is that?

It’s because our expectations have much to do with the environment we were raised in; gender roles being a huge influence. And even though you would think these differences would be clear before getting married, it usually comes to light after crossing the threshold.

And it’s these expectations that create the lies we believe about marriage. Today, it’s my job to debunk them.

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What Baking A Pastry Taught Me About Marriage

Banket, pronounced bon-ket, is a long, skinny flaky pastry filled with a delicious almond sugar paste. It’s quite difficult to make, but very easy to eat!

You would think that after making this delicacy for the past 30 years, I’d be a pro.


The first batch I make each year is almost always “destroyed”; with almond paste seeping out of the crust like active volcano lava. And when I thought about the reasons why this was happening, I knew I had to share what baking a pastry taught me about marriage.

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