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The One Thing You Probably Don't Know About Your Spouse-To-Be

One of the very first questions I ask when meeting with a couple during a Pre-Marital Coaching session, is if they really know each other. Most often they both laugh and tell me, “Of course. We’re getting married!”

But, the truth is, as much as you may know about the one you’re about to say, “I do” too, chances are you’re missing the one thing that can either make or break your new marriage, which is the expectations you both have going into it.

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What Baking A Pastry Taught Me About Marriage

Banket, pronounced bon-ket, is a long, skinny flaky pastry filled with a delicious almond sugar paste. It’s quite difficult to make, but very easy to eat!

You would think that after making this delicacy for the past 30 years, I’d be a pro.


The first batch I make each year is almost always “destroyed”; with almond paste seeping out of the crust like active volcano lava. And when I thought about the reasons why this was happening, I knew I had to share what baking a pastry taught me about marriage.

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