6 Reasons Why a Same-Day Rehearsal Makes Sense

6 Reasons Why a Same-Day Rehearsal Makes Sense

There are 2 words to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

No Rules.

So, what does that mean?

Years ago, there were things brides would do for no better reason than the fact that it was always done that way. For example, father’s always gave away the bride, the minister would always say, “Is there anyone here who feels this couple should not be joined as husband and wife?” and wedding rehearsals were always the night before the wedding.

Today, it’s all about what makes sense, or what the couple wants for their day, as it should be!

3 Alternatives to Giving Away the Bride

3 Alternatives to Giving Away the Bride

There’s an element of a traditional wedding ceremony some find controversial, and that’s the “giving away of the bride”.

It takes place in the very beginning of the ceremony when the Bride and her escort arrive just short of the altar. The Officiant usually asks something along the lines of, “Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?” The escort, most often the Bride’s father says, “Her mother and I.”

So where did the Giving Away of the Bride practice come from?

The Belief That Leaves Brides Stuck Every Time

The Belief That Leaves Brides Stuck Every Time

If you’re planning your own wedding (as most Brides do these days), you may find yourself overwhelmed. And with all the details that go into a wedding big or small, it’s no wonder!

And no doubt you’ll get plenty of input from your friends, family, even your future Mother-in-law on everything from where to have the wedding and reception to the elements of your wedding ceremony.

Those that give you unsolicited advice truly mean well, and there might be times you’ll feel like your own wedding will end up being about what everyone else wants, and not what you want.

Why Your Friend Shouldn't Officiate Your Wedding

The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding

The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding

So, you're planning your wedding, and it just hit you. You have no idea who's going to make it official!

You don't want to get married at the courthouse, but you don't belong to a Church. Now what?

Then a friend offers to officiate for you. And, It seems like a great idea, right? After all, they know you best, who better to help you say, "I Do?"

This isn't to say every wedding where a friend officiates is a disaster, but, successful ceremonies are very few and far between.

So, before you trade your BFF's invitation for a microphone, consider the 4 reasons why your friend shouldn't officiate for you.

1. They're too close

Because you're so close, there's a pretty good chance they'll be emotional. If they start to "lose it" and get choked up, or even worse, start crying, you'll probably do the same.

2. They'll get stage fright

It happens. The music stops, the Bride gets to the altar, and then it's "Deer in the headlights". They've forgotten ever word. They open their mouth and nothing comes out.


3. They have absolutely no idea what they're doing

There are many parts to a wedding ceremony and there must be a flow from one transition to the next. Just because they've watched hundreds of weddings on TV or attended a few in person doesn't guarantee they'd be a good fit. THere's so much more to officiating a wedding than reading from a script.

A professional Wedding Officiant performs ceremonies regularly. It's their specialty. It's how they pay the bills.

Officiants wear many hats. They consult and coach the Bride and Groom, they write the ceremony (sometimes from scratch), they sign and file the marriage license, and in many cases, direct the wedding rehearsal.

Wedding Officiants are passionate about what they do. They help put a little more love in the world, one wedding at a time.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it memorable in a "good" way. Let a professional take the worry out of saying "I Do!"