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3 Simple Steps to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

One of the perks of being an Officiant is experiencing my couple’s excitement as they share the details of their upcoming wedding. There’s smiles all around and you can feel a real energy in the room.

But most of the time that energy turns to silence when I ask if they plan to write their own vows. And, I’ve realized over the years it’s not that they don’t want to write them, it’s they don’t know how to write them.

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3 Alternatives to Giving Away the Bride

There’s an element of a traditional wedding ceremony some find controversial, and that’s the “giving away of the bride”.

It takes place in the very beginning of the ceremony when the Bride and her escort arrive just short of the altar. The Officiant usually asks something along the lines of, “Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?” The escort, most often the Bride’s father says, “Her mother and I.”

So where did the Giving Away of the Bride practice come from?

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