The Belief That Leaves Brides Stuck Every Time


If you’re planning your own wedding (as most Brides do these days), you may find yourself overwhelmed. And with all the details that go into a wedding big or small, it’s no wonder!

No doubt you’ll get plenty of input from your friends, family, and even your future Mother-in-law on everything from where to have the wedding and reception to the elements of your wedding ceremony.

Those that give unsolicited advice truly mean well, but too much input can leave a Bride feeling confused and stuck when planning her wedding because she starts to second guess what is “right” or “wrong” for her ceremony.

If this sounds all too familiar, keep reading, because today I’m going to share the belief that leaves brides stuck every time!

When I consult with my couples for the first time, I ask them a set of questions. Their answers to those questions help me understand the vision they have for their big day.

It’s inevitable that at some point during their consultation, either the future Bride or Groom answers a question with, “what should we do?” or, “what’s the right way to do that?”

They ask these questions because they believe there are rules to follow when planning a wedding ceremony. While that may have been true years ago, it’s not the case anymore. There are no rules. In fact, the most memorable weddings these days are far from traditional.

I tell my couples that their wedding day is just that; theirs! It should be everything they want and absolutely nothing they don’t.

The same applies to you. You deserve a wedding that is everything you’ve dreamed of. Every aspect should be a reflection of your love and relationship.

Where are you in your wedding planning? Do you need any advice? I’d love to help!

Post your question below. And, if you haven’t found someone to officiate your wedding yet, I’d love the possibility of working together. Click here today and tell me all about your day and how I can help make your dream ceremony a reality!