Q. Are you able to legally perform a wedding ceremony?

A. Yes. I, along with my Staff Officiant Greg received professional ordination through American Marriage Ministries and are authorized to perform legal marriage ceremonies in 48 US states.

Q. How much do your services cost?

A. I offer a variety of services from a simple license signing to full ceremonies with rehearsal so it depends on the type of ceremony you’re interested in. For details on my package options, click here.

Q. How are you different than other Officiants?

A. Some Officiants have little to no communication with a couple until they show up the day of the ceremony, and most often read a simple, impersonal ceremony script.

As your Professional Wedding Officiant, I do so much more than speak for 10-15 minutes during your ceremony. I believe it’s about building a relationship with my couples first before I even begin to create the first ceremony draft.

Once I get to know my couple’s personalities and understand what makes their connection so unique, together, we begin building a unique ceremony around their personal love story that best reflects who they are as a couple.

I spend around 10-15 hours on each ceremony (much of which is “behind the scenes”). The time spent includes curating a fresh, new script for each ceremony, research into unity elements, contract prep and finalization, and continuous contact with my couples throughout the entire process.

Q. How do I book my ceremony with you?

A. Head on over to the Ceremony Packages tab and review your options. Once you find the package that best fits your needs, scroll below the descriptions and click CONTACT KRISTI to check availability or click the SCHEDULE A CONSULT button to schedule a time to for us to chat and get to know each other.

If I have an opening on your wedding day, I’ll send a proposal for your review. When you decide you’d like to work together, you’ll be able to book, review terms and make payment conveniently through that proposal.

Q. What are your deposit requirements?

A. A minimum 50% non-refundable retainer is required to lock in your date and is due upon booking.

Q. We would like a friend or family member to officiate for us. Are you able to write the ceremony and/or coach our Officiant?

A. Yes. You can choose the Ceremony Writing Package to have me write the entire ceremony. You’ll also have the option to have me coach your Officiant throughout the entire ceremony or rehearsal process. Click here for more information.

Q. Do you offer Elopements, Vow Renewals and other services?

A. Yes. You’ll find a list of additional services by clicking here.

Please note: Payment in full for all services must be received no later than 30 days prior to your ceremony, unless your wedding date is less than 30 days from the time of booking in which case payment must be made in full.

Q. Do you have a backup plan if you become ill or have a family emergency and cannot Officiate our wedding?

A. Yes. In the unlikely event I wouldn’t be able to officiate, arrangements will be made to send another Officiant on my staff in my place to step in and perform the exact ceremony we’ve created for you.

Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. We happily accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and payments through Venmo or CashApp.

Q. How long will our ceremony last?

A. Most non-denominational weddings last from 15-20 minutes, including the walk-in and walk-out, but of course, the exact length really depends on the degree to which you “customize” your ceremony.  

Q. Do you require Pre-Marital Counseling/Coaching?

A. Pre-Marital Coaching is not a requirement, however, it’s highly recommended. My coaching program is based on the award winning SYMBIS Assessment. It’s a great way to help the two of you gain valuable insights about each other and unlock proven strategies to tackle conflict and achieve lifelong love. For more information, click here.

Q. Are we able to write our own vows?

A. Absolutely, and I encourage it! Writing your vows is a great way to better personalize a ceremony that reflect your personalities, love and commitment to one another. Need a little help? Personal Vow Coaching is also available where I’ll work with you individually to help you put what’s on your heart into words you can share with each other in private or in the presence of your guests.

Q. Is a rehearsal really necessary?

A. Wedding Rehearsals are recommended for wedding parties of 8 or more (including the 2 of you). Rehearsals help the entire Wedding party and family members to know their part in the ceremony; where to go, where to stand, etc.. Doing a couple of run throughs guarantees a smooth transition throughout the ceremony. 

Knowing what happens next takes the stress out of the day so everyone can enjoy every single moment instead of worrying where they're supposed to be.

Q. Will you be attending the wedding rehearsal?

A. If you'd like me to attend and conduct your wedding rehearsal, you'll need to select ther Gold package.

Q. Will you be attending the wedding reception?

A. No, unless you’d like me to say a blessing prior to the reception. Once the ceremony is finished and the Marriage License is signed, I leave the venue and leave the celebrating to the two of you, your family and friends.

Q. What do we have to do to get a marriage license?

A. You can apply for your Marriage license at the County Clerks’s office in which you live no sooner than 33 days prior to your wedding date. You’ll be able to pick up your license 3 days after your application. You’ll need your driver’s license or State ID info, Social Security numbers and places of birth for both your parents. Some requirements vary by county, so be sure to verify with your local county clerk.

For links to the county clerk offices where we most often perform ceremonies, click “Marriage License Info under the “Resources” tab.

Q. We want to get married in Michigan, but are not Michigan residents. Where do we apply for our Marriage License, and can we get married anywhere in Michigan?

A. You’ll need to apply for your license in the county in which you will be married. As a non-Michigan resident, the wedding must take place in the same county in which your license was obtained.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel?

A. The State of Michigan states a retainer or deposit given to secure a service is not refundable. Once you've chosen a date and a retainer is placed, the date becomes yours and all others requesting the same time slot will be turned away. For this reason, payments received to secure your wedding date are non-refundable regardless of circumstance. Should you wish to reschedule your wedding date, fees can be applied toward your new date up to 90 days without additional charge.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellations require written notice. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the Bride and/or Groom at least seven (7) days prior to the Wedding date booked, all fees paid in excess of the Booking Retainer will be refunded. If written notice of Cancellation is provided by the Bride and/or Groom at less than seven (7) days prior to the Event date, the Bride and/or Groom will be responsible for full payment of Services, except for travel fees, if applicable.

If the Bride and/or Groom do not provide a written notice of Cancellation, Bride and Groom shall be responsible for full payment of Services, including travel fees, if applicable.

If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by Client, Officiant shall be released to make attempts to re-book the date and time of the Event. In the unlikely event that the Officiant is unable to perform the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. hospitalization, automobile accident, and/or transportation breakdown, etc.), Officiant shall be allowed to make reasonable attempts to provide a replacement Officiant at no extra cost to the Bride and Groom. In the event the Officiant cancels the Wedding Agreement for Services, Bride and Groom will be refunded all services.

Q. Do you perform Destination Wedding Ceremonies in and outside of the US?

A. I am able to perform ceremonies throughout the US and abroad for a nominal fee plus the cost of airfare, lodging and land travel (2 day minimum.) Contact me for further details at yourceremony@brooksweddingceremonies.com.

Q. Is it customary to Tip the Wedding Officiant?

A. Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated.