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Already Married? Click HERE for Marriage Coaching


Create a strong, healthy marriage that lasts!

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures! As you look forward to walking down the aisle, there’s no doubt you’ve got high hopes and big dreams for your future together.

But as much as you’d like to be realistic, you find the 50% divorce rate discouraging. You may be asking yourself if your only hope is to cross your fingers and pray your marriage will have what it takes to beat the odds?

There IS a better way!

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Latest studies have shown a Pre-Marital Coaching or Counseling program can increase the odds of marital success by as much as 30%!

According to The Knot, a Michigan couple will spend anywhere from $22,000 to 30,000 on their wedding this year. But, if those same couples invest a tiny fraction of that amount (1.5%) in a pre-marriage education program, they’ll SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE CHANCE OF DIVORCE and experience a successful, fulfilling marriage over those that don’t participate.

How is that for great news??

true love begins with thoughtful preparation

As an addition to my Officiant services, I’m thrilled to offer an extraordinary PreMarital Coaching program based on the award-winning SYMBIS Assessment.

And, what exactly IS the SYMBIS® Assessment? Save Your Marriage Before it Starts, or SYMBIS for short is the world’s most practical pre-marriage Assessment administered through a questionnaire. It includes a series of thought provoking questions couples take separately. And when their answers are combined, it creates a clear roadmap for marriage success.

SYMBIS® has helped millions of other couples gain the knowledge they need before settling into destructive patterns that often lead to divorce. And as a Certified SYMBIS® facilitator, I can help you prepare for your new life together, equipping you with tools you’ll need to create a strong, lasting marriage.

Take the assessment & DISCOVER:

  • The EXPECTATIONS each of you bring into your marriage. Spoiler alert: they’re rarely if ever the same

  • How the dynamics of your personalities mesh in your marriage

  • How to create deeper intimacy, and learn exactly what it is your partner needs from you to feel loved

  • How to fight fair, and the secret to leveraging conflict especially when discussing the hot topics that tend to set both of you off

  • What you REALLY think about money and learn to tackle financial worries head on.

I realized I was bringing expectations into our new marriage that I never knew I had! SYMBIS really opened my eyes and taught me how to communicate with Phil on a deeper level than I thought possible. We were able to have a judgement-free discussion about our pasts and learned how those events could affect our marriage down the road. Hands down, SYMBIS was the best investment we could have made for our marriage!
— Phillip and Christine

The SYMBIS® Assessment is not a test to pass or fail. It wasn’t designed to predict success or failure in marriage, it was created to give you personal insight and teach you how to leverage your different personalities to maintain a lifetime of love.

The SYMBIS Assessment provided insights into how our personalities mesh and our pre-marital counselor gave us useful tools and advice to coincide with the assessment. We’re better off as individuals and as a couple after going through the SYMBIS program
— Chris and LeeAnna
We got a better understanding of each other on an emotional and personal level, and why we are who we are. We recommend pre-marital coaching with Symbis to other couples.
— Christopher and Megan

What you’ll get from PreMarital Coaching:

  • Exclusive access to 2 online Assessments

  • A personalized, easy to read 15-18 page customized Assessment report

  • 3 - 6 1 1/2 hour confidential sessions where we’ll unpack your results

  • Certificate of completion

  • Email, text and phone support


+ BONUS: Book your 1st session by May 31st and get The #1 New York Times Best Selling Book, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts; 7 Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry companion book FREE!


Ready to start building a strong, healthy marriage that lasts?




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Q. Where are coaching sessions held?

A. Although you do have the option of meeting together in my office, most couples prefer coaching via FaceTime or Video calls from the convenience of home. It’s completely up to you!

Q. When are coaching sessions scheduled?

A. I understand how busy couples can be juggling life let alone planning a wedding! Each session is scheduled at a day and time that works best for the 2 of you.

Q. How many coaching sessions will we have?

A. As few as 3 or as many as 6 sessions. It varies from couple to couple and depends on each couple’s answers to the questionnaire and how detailed their final report turns out to be.

Q. HOW do we get started?

A. It’s easy! When you click on the button above, you’ll be taken to page where you’ll be able to book your first session, enter your contact information and make payment. I’ll then send a confirmation email along with an invite to take the Assessment. When you both submit your questionnaire, I’ll compile your results and we’ll begin unpacking during your 1st session.

*Session durations may vary and are dependent upon individual answers.